Interested in having your picture taken?

NativeStock Pictures is currently looking for:

Birch bark canoe builder
Teenagers doing everyday stuff or sports
Navajo code talkers
Professionals, doctors, pilots., cooks, etc
Seneca Festival
Traditional wedding
Apache coming of age ceremony
Ojibwa maple syrup
Chipewa rice gathering
NW Coast canoe and paddlers


Interested in having

your picture taken?

As you can tell by viewing NativeStock's vast collection of pictures, many of our models and talent proudly represent their tribal nation's heritage. Young, old, talented or not so talented, horsemen, storytellers, families, teen role models, artisans, musicians and just plain everyday folks are what we are looking for. Shooting trips are generally planned around festivals, cultural presentations and re-enactments. On occasion we get several requests for a specific tribe, which then we will schedule a visit to that specific tribe's homeland and take our chances to meet individuals. Sometimes we will hire a knowledgeable location scout with a sense of humor who is a member of our host tribe. All Native People inclined to pose for me automatically become 50/50 partners in any sales of their images. The dancers and re-enactors have much invested in their regalia. Regular folk invite us to their homes while cultural artists share their skills. It would be impossible to capture this rare style of cultural portraiture while visiting tribal environments without a person's permission and willingness. Therefore we become partners in creating these photographic images and partners in any sales. NativeStock only works with sensitive photo researcher's who work on projects that represent Native People only in positive portrayals. Mainstream clients publish educational books, travel magazines, calendars, brochures and Native related websites. You can contact Angel at NativeStock if you're a tribal member who's interested in participating as a model. No experience necessary! However, you must be over 18 years or have your parents consent. If you happen to see your picture on our website and feel that we do not have your current contact information then kindly email or call us toll free at 1 888 765-3332. We need to keep our address book up-to-date to insure that all models receive their royalty fees. Looking forward to hearing from you.