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A digital and film stock library with a unique and comprehensive collection of over 150,000 images that are specific to Native American cultures. All images, except historic, are photographed by Marilyn "Angel" Wynn. All stock images capture the diverse spirit of Indian Country USA. First Nations people, their lifestyles, contemporary and traditional, clothing, dwellings, artifacts, locations and more. Stock video footage with audio is available. Please inquire directly to request a shot list. Professionally prepared submissions delivered promptly. Free research, just call 888 765-3332 or contact


Client List

MAGAZINES: Time, National Geographic, VIA, Discovery, Country, Cowboys & Indians, Sunset, First Nations, AAA Home Away, Native Peoples, Modern Healthcare, Discover America, Endless Vacations, Whispering Wind, World & I, Diversion, Idaho, American Rivers, Weekly Reader, Kids Discover, American Dental Association,

BOOKS: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Reiman, Simon & Schuster, Marshall Cavendish, ABC Clio, Blackbirch, Lerner, Capstone, Lucent, Scholastic, McGraw-Hill, Gulf, Franklin Watts, Kidhaven, Pearson, Pearson Canada, Compass Point, Disney, Crabtree, Readers Digest, Benchmark Education, Discovery, Voyager Press, McDougall Littell, Holt Rinehart, Newbridge, Weekly Reader, Nelson Education, Silver Editions, Heinemann, Tehabi, Weigl, Abbeville, Enslow, Mighty Media, Thomson Gale, State Standards Publishing,  Hampton Brown, Oxford University Press

BUSINESS: Travois Inc, American Dental Association, Education Development Center, MADD, Native American Indian Center Enterprise Development, Native American Banks, Ackermann McQueen, US West, Lamar & Assoc,  Desert Springs Trout Farm, McCarty & Assoc, Wyoming Highway Dept,  

RESEARCH: Pronk & Associates, Mazer, Quarasan, Feldman, G&G, Picture Research, Sinauer, Carousel, Shared Vision, Tide-Mark

TV & FILM: Prometheus Pictures, History Channel, Disney, PBS, NBC, Dick Clark Prductions, Blue Wood Films, ISU, Global Travel, The Weather Channel,

AGENCIES: Getty, Corbis, Bridgeman, Photo Edit, Canada Press, Photo Library, Scala Pictures, Danita Delimont, The Image Works,

Marilyn Angel Wynn's Artist Statement

As a photographer and filmmaker I shoot primarily from the heart. Subject matters very dear to me are traditional cultures and historic preservation. My profession involves photographing Native America while traveling throughout remnants of Indian Country scattered across the US and parts of Canada. Meeting up with genuine people, I learn specifics of each tribe's unique culture while site-seeing awesome territory that most of the time looks as it did hundreds of years ago. I fund all my own trips by selling these images to educational publishers so long as the uses are sensitive and positive portrayals. Any fees earned are shared 50/50 with my native models as it takes both of us to create these beautiful pictures. I want to give back to Native people as they have given back to us, expecting nothing in return. American Indian people should no longer be stereotyped. On occasion they will dress in fine regalia for special events, celebrations or to get a nice picture taken. Like most Americans today, they dress in factory made clothing,hunt and gather at Walmart, dwell in modern homes and although historically great horsemen not all know how to ride a horse. Just like some of you don't know how to drive a wagon as your ancestors had done. While visiting a reservation today you most likely will find a quiet community with a cultural center, school playgrounds, a college campus, historic landmarks and perhaps a casino with a golf course. Tribal members continue to fight bureaucracy today for their lands, water, natural resources and traditional rights. Armed with my camera equipment and personality, I'm inspired to document homelands and lifestyles. My craft confirms an extraordinary life-purpose. My most passionate goal has been to take over the path where historically well-known photographer Edward S. Curtis had come to a close. To continue documenting history that is being made today. My collective goal is to create pleasant pictures, to instill some awareness with timeless images and a hope that onlookers will walk away with a new found compassion for Native American Culture.

Assignment Photography

Wynn's assignment photography is primarily for educational publishers and government agencies. Numerous connections with tribes and First Nation families through her work as a photo-illustrator means that Indian Country assignments are easy to set up. Wynn's background in Native American Studies and Visual Arts has given her the necessary experience to pre-visualize, set up, and take photographs that communicate essential concepts for editorial and commercial purposes.

Multi Media Presentations:

Wynn's previous experience was in filmmaking and video production before becoming a stock photographer. With the current demand for video stock footage and multimedia productions, Wynn has started to once again to wear the hat of producer, director and editor. Creating multimedia slideshows that can incorporate stills, video, audio and titles for business, education and website uses. Contact Angel Wynn to find out more

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